Why Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Queens County NY?

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Lawyers

An auto accident can bring on a great deal of stress for an injured person. No one wants to be left behind with the aftermath of an accident, especially when they do not have legal guidance. Thankfully, injured individuals have the right to seek help from an auto accident lawyer in Queens County, NY. Hiring a lawyer can make a big difference in the process and will allow the injured party to relax and focus on their recovery efforts.

Why Should Injured Individuals Hire a Lawyer?

Many injured individuals mistakenly think when they hire an auto accident lawyer in Queens County, NY this means they must go to court. This is not the case at all. When someone hires a lawyer, they are given many legal options. The goal of the lawyer will be to get a fair settlement offer for the client. While many personal injury claims are settled outside of court, this is not always possible. If the lawyer feels their client is being taken advantage of and not getting the fairest offer, they will work to pursue a lawsuit on behalf of their client.

The lawyer takes over all of the steps involved in pursuing the legal matter. After investigating the claim, they will begin actively pursuing the at-fault driver and their insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are not always fair in their assessments of claims. If the adjuster is offering too low of a settlement, there is always the option of going to court. Even if a court case is filed, there is still the opportunity for settlement outside of court.

Schedule a Consultation

Many injury lawyers offer free consultation appointments for new injured clients where they can discuss the important details of their injury claim. The lawyer will offer legal guidance on the options that are available and the case value. Having this information at their disposal will help injured individuals to seek a fairer outcome.

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