In Missouri, divorce petitioners follow specific guidelines when filing a petition. The guidelines define how to proceed based on certain factors. There are separate guidelines for simple divorces that don’t involve children and cases that do. Cases that involve larger marital estates require more extensive steps as well. Lawyers in Jefferson County MO present these guidelines to petitioners and help them navigate through the entire process.

Choosing Proper Divorce Grounds

Uncontested divorces often start with no-fault divorce grounds. The no-fault grounds don’t require evidence to support them. Generally, fault-based grounds are used only if certain conditions apply that require them. They are used if infidelity is listed in a prenuptial agreement or to extend a protection order when domestic violence has occurred.

Starting a Divorce Agreement

The divorce agreement must provide each party with an equal share of the marital estate. It should protect the properties that either party owned prior to the marriage. It may require the sale of certain assets to enable an equal split of the assets. The agreement may also present additional awards in which a party may provide monetary assets to acquire real property.

Assessing Child Custody

Child custody and support are addressed in the divorce agreement as well. The couple creates a parenting plan that provides both of them equal time with their children. It may present a plan in which either parent can live in the marital home on an alternating schedule. This allows the child to remain in their home at all times.

Alimony and Palimony

Alimony and palimony are awarded according to the earning capacity of each spouse. The spousal support is awarded to ensure that they maintain the same lifestyle they had during the marriage. The assignment may be temporary or permanent based on the spouse’s ability to support themselves.

In Missouri, divorce petitioners assess guidelines that apply to their case. The guidelines may define restrictions that could apply. An attorney helps the petitioner define what choices provide them with the most benefits. This helps the petitioner secure their rights and achieving their own objectives. Petitioners who need help from Lawyers in Jefferson County MO Visit the website for more information today.