Car accidents are devastating events, and victims should seek medical treatment before doing anything else. Getting prompt treatment creates a record of one’s injuries, which can be valuable evidence in court. As if that was not stressful enough, victims must also deal with the auto insurance companies. Where insurance claims are concerned, the tips below will make the process easier.

Call the Insurer

After the accident, the victim should call their insurer as soon as they can. Most auto insurance policy rules require signed documentation of loss by a certain time, and some insurers may want to record the victim’s statements during a telephone call. Those wondering about this should call an automobile accident attorney in Tucson, AZ before notifying the insurer.

It’s important to provide accurate, honest information to the insurance company, as withholding information can invalidate a claim and a policy. Record the following information: the phone number, the representative’s name and job title, the victim’s statements and what the insurance representative said in response.

Take Pictures of Injuries and Damaged Property

Most people have camera phones, which makes it easy to take pictures at the scene. Photos can show damage to the victim’s and other motorists’ vehicles, and they can also document injuries and current conditions. Pictures are good evidence, especially when one hires an auto accident attorney to assist in the reconstruction of the events.

Review Insurance Coverage

Homeowner’s policies, umbrella insurance, and even some credit cards may allow victims to make a claim, and clients should review their other coverage types. Benefits available through other policy types can be useful if the insurance claim and settlement process is delayed.

Keep an Expense Record

Most people face a degree of financial difficulty after an auto accident, from the time it happens until the case is settled. It’s important for victims to keep records of expenses in the event they need to hire lawyers at Price and Price Law Office. Keep track of expenses such as rental car bills, medical treatments, and rehabilitation costs.

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. And to do so, they offer as little as possible in settlement funds. Do not feel forced to accept a low offer, and do not sign a waiver without first talking to an automobile accident attorney in Tucson, AZ about seeking damages from the at-fault driver.