3 Points About Getting a Cannabis Distribution License in California

If you are planning on entering California’s rapidly expanding cannabis business as a distributor, then there are some key facts that you need to be aware of. There are five license types within the business, but if you are planning on being able to legally distribute then you will require a cannabis distribution license in California. Distributors play a key role in the supply chain for cannabis products in the state of California. As a licensed distributor, you will be able to sell products to the dispensaries where customers buy the products. These are a few more key points you should know about getting your cannabis distribution license in California.

You Must Verify That the Community You Will Operate in Allows Cannabis Activity
One of the first things you must do before applying for a cannabis distribution license is to verify that you can engage in the cannabis business in the California community you are targeting.

You Must Have a Facility That Is Appropriately Zoned
Beyond ensuring that you will be able to get local permission to operate your cannabis business, you must also ensure that the building that you wish to operate from is properly zoned to engage in the industry.

There Is Help Available From Consultation Firms That Specialized in the Cannabis Trade
One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself as you wade through the regulations related to cannabis distribution is to avail of services from a firm that specializes in providing consultation services to cannabis business entrepreneurs in the state of California.

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