If You’ve Been Convicted Before, a DUI Lawyer in Lancaster County, PA Can Help

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A first-time DUI conviction can include serious penalties. If a person is arrested and charged with DUI again within a 10 year period, they could face more severe penalties if they’re convicted. Anyone who already has a DUI conviction will want to make sure they speak with a DUI lawyer in Lancaster County, PA if they’re arrested for a DUI again.

The Lookback Period

Pennsylvania has a lookback period of 10 years. If a person is arrested for a DUI and then arrested a second time 11 years later, they can receive the penalties for a first-time DUI if they’re convicted. However, if it has been less than 10 years, they’re facing the penalties for a second offense. This is called the lookback period, and it can become more complicated if there are other extenuating factors. Even if it’s been more than 10 years, it might be a good idea to seek legal assistance to find out if the lookback period applies.

Penalties for Second and Third DUI Convictions

A second DUI conviction can include up to six months in jail, up to $2,500 in fines, and a driver’s license suspension of up to 12 months. The person will be required to have an IID (interlock ignition device) installed in their vehicle while they have a restricted license. A third DUI conviction could include up to two years in jail, $5,000 in fines, and 12 months with a driver’s license suspension. They will also need an IID while they have a restricted license.

Minimizing the Penalties

If a person is charged with a DUI within the 10 year lookback period after a previous conviction, they will need to make sure they seek legal assistance to try to minimize the penalties they’re facing. With legal assistance, they could receive the minimum penalties of five days in jail and only $300 in fines for a second DUI or 10 days in jail and only $500 in fines for a third DUI.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI and you have a DUI conviction on your record, you will want to make sure you contact a DUI lawyer in Lancaster County, PA as quickly as possible for assistance. Visit the website for the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery now to learn more.

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