A woman died while working in a chemical lab because she was accidentally exposed to substances that damaged her lungs. Her family is suffering from this loss and intends to sue the chemical laboratory where she was working, hoping to get compensated somewhat for what happened. Wrongful Death Attorneys in Sarasota FL are willing to help clients who have lost loved ones such as the woman who died in the lab. Here are some things clients should know about pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida.

Understanding Wrongful Death Law in Florida

The survivors of someone who was killed are going through a tough time dealing with the loss, but they must keep in mind that they have a four-year window in which to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida. Four years can pass by quickly if the survivors are not on top of the situation, filing all the necessary paperwork, and getting all the details related to the death. Hiring an attorney to do the legwork for the survivors while they are grieving and mourning would be the wisest thing to do.

More About Wrongful Death Law in Florida

The State of Florida follows the comparative negligence rule, which allows the insurance company or the defendant in the lawsuit to file a claim that the deceased person was partly to blame for what happened. Perhaps, in the case of the woman in the chem lab, she was not wearing proper personal protective equipment. If the defendant or insurance company can prove the point, any percentage that the deceased person was found at fault will be reduced from damages awarded in the lawsuit.

A Law Firm for Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Florida

People who are filing a lawsuit in Florida for wrongful death can find a list of lawyers and law firms on the Internet. Luhrsen & Goldberg, Attorneys at Law is a law firm that provides legal representation for clients who live in Sarasota or the surrounding areas. If any individuals are looking for Wrongful Death Attorneys in Sarasota FL, the law firm is available. Visit the site online for more information.