Organizations that have strict, regimented procedures for dealing with injuries to employees actually can be more advantageous for those employees than those with looser policies. Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL usually are not called upon to help with these claims because the employers carefully monitor the situation.

The stricter rules may include procedures such as directing the employee to a company nurse if one is on site or transporting the person to a medical facility if this is advisable. The employers typically choose where the person is treated immediately and thereafter, including appointments with physical therapists and other care providers. They make efforts to bring the person back to work as soon as possible, even if this must be in a lighter-duty or part-time position.

In contrast, organizations that don’t respond effectively when an employee is injured are less likely to have sufficient documentation and evidence available for the insurer. The benefits provider might deny the claim if the employee was allowed to return home and not required to quickly seek a medical diagnosis and proper care. The insurer may believe the person never actually experienced an injury preventing the immediate return to work or is pretending that the injury’s effects are lasting longer than is actually the case.

It may seem like the stricter employers are only looking out for their best interests. To some extent, that may be true. By making sure employees are truthful in their claims about accidents and by bringing the person back on board as soon as it’s safe for the employee to work again, they mitigate their insurance costs. However, Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL know that employees usually have an easier time obtaining benefits for lost wages and medical treatment when the employer is actively involved. Otherwise, a firm such as Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille may be called upon to assist in appealing a claim denial. It’s crucial for persons who are not faking their injury in any way to receive workers comp benefits so they can pay their household bills on time and receive excellent medical care and therapy.