Why You Need an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Whidbey Island, WA

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Lawyer

So you were just rear-ended and are left with a totaled vehicle and a sprained limb or two. You are expecting a check to cover your pain and suffering, but unfortunately, auto accidents aren’t that cut and dry. Here are three reasons why you need the help of an auto accident injury lawyer in Whidbey Island, WA.

Insurance Companies Are No Joke

Car insurance companies have their own team of lawyers on staff ready to discredit your claims and send you away without a penny. Once they hire an auto accident injury lawyer, Whidbey Island, WA residents will have someone to speak on their behalf, and they won’t have to worry about insurance companies tricking them into saying something that will work against them.

Your Claim Deserves a Proper Evaluation

Insurance companies and their trusted adjusters are going to try to convince you that your claim is worth less than it is. Click here to get a proper claim evaluation so that you don’t get low-balled.

An Attorney Will Fight for the Best Possible Settlement

Most car accident claims settle outside of court, and you will always be offered the lowest amount at first. Click here to hire an experienced attorney to negotiate your settlement for you.

Here at Allen Law Firm, we specialize in getting clients properly compensated for their injuries. Whether you are the victim of a workers’ compensation claim, auto accident, or any other traumatic incident that resulted in a personal injury, we are ready to fight to make sure that you are treated fairly.

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