Some people see bedsores as a minor inconvenience. They may understand they are painful but aren’t aware of how they occur and why it’s critical to meet with a NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County as soon as possible. The following can help you understand why these attorneys take bedsore cases seriously.

A Sign of Neglect

The primary reason a NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County takes these cases seriously is that bedsores are a clear sign of neglect. These sores occur when individuals remain in the same sitting or lying position for too long. That’s why nurses are supposed to routinely check on their patients and help them switch positions regularly to alleviate pressure on specific parts of their bodies. Failure to do so results in painful bedsores.

A Dangerous Condition

Bedsores aren’t something you should wait and see what happens to them. They require prompt treatment and can take a long time to heal, even with the right treatment options administered quickly. A NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County will want to deal with the case as quickly as possible to identify other signs of neglect to ensure their clients get a better level of care moving forward and the medical team handles their bedsores correctly to prevent further complications that can be deadly.

Prevent Worse Symptoms

Bedsores may begin as a surface condition, but it has the potential to reach much deeper, even exposing the bone in severe cases. If you meet with a NY bedsore lawyer in Nassau County as soon as you discover your loved one has bedsores, you will be able to mitigate the problem and prevent it from potentially getting worse. A strongly worded letter from a lawyer can often go a long way toward improving your loved one’s care until you can decide on a new care facility.

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