When to Hire Auto Accident Attorneys in Norfolk, VA

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Lawyer

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not handing it out. So why would they pay out large sums of money to every accident victim? The truth is, they don’t.

Don’t trust insurance companies

Insurance coverage should never be thought of as a substitute for auto accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA. The company will offer to take care of everything, including car repairs and medical bills. This may be true, but it won’t be the amount you are legally owed.

Liability insurance is not your friend and will not act in your best interests. Folks can assume that the offered service is mainly aimed at minimizing the costs for the insurance company and their clients. The more vehement people are discouraged by an attorney, the more suspicious they should be.

Who pays for a lawyer after a traffic accident?

The fact that the other side tries to make the plaintiff feel safe should be a reason for concern. No insurance company should prevent a person from hiring auto accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA. The only reason they do this is to save money.

A lawyer can assist injured parties in an accident and help them to exercise their rights. After the accident, the insurance company has to pay the costs for an attorney. For innocent victims, no negative effects should be felt when doing so.

This can, at least, be secured at a financial level. The defendant’s liability insurance not only takes care of hiring a lawyer, but it should also pay out any damages.

Other things to remember

Pain and suffering, along with the price of a rental, should be considered. However, even if the question of damages is not clarified or if it is foreseeable that self-fault is established, the driver should seek an attorney after the accident. Although the costs of hiring a lawyer are then borne by the person, the latter will ensure that they are fairly represented.

The defendant shall bear all costs arising from an accident. This includes, after the traffic accident, any legal costs involved. For more information, visit website or contact a local attorney.

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