When and Why to Get in Touch With a Dog Bite Attorney in Silverdale

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Lawyer

However cute and lovable they might be, dogs can also be dangerous. From tiny, stretched-out Dachshunds that were originally bred to hunt badgers to towering guard dogs like Rottweilers, dogs bite millions of Americans every year. Truly severe injuries and even worse outcomes are fortunately quite rare, but the fact is that even a relatively minor nip can cause lasting damage. In many cases, the right thing to do once the affected person has received medical care is to get in touch with a dog bite attorney in Silverdale like those at the Otto Law Offices.

Some assume that the legal system will not afford much regard or compensation for such incidents, but the reality is often very much otherwise. The truth is that dog owners are responsible under the law not just for controlling their animals and preventing them from biting others, but also for accounting for their past behaviors. A single past incident of biting, even while it might not be known of at the time to a second victim, can leave a dog owner legally liable for all the damages caused by that later incident, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Unfortunately, few people are equipped to successfully track down and secure these damages for themselves. Even when apparently accommodating insurance companies are involved, it is typically difficult for those untrained in the law to make much progress with opposing representatives being highly skilled with and motivated about making things difficult. This leads to some simply giving up and paying for any related medical bills and the like themselves, but that is rarely a good idea.

Instead, a consultation with a Dog Bite Attorney in Silverdale will be in order. Most of these professionals will speak freely with victims in order to ascertain whether a worthwhile case might exist. In even just a few minutes, it can be possible to figure out what possibilities for compensation and pressing a case further might stand out. While it might not always seem like a dog bite is a serious matter, incidents of this kind should not be underestimated either.

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