What You Need to Know about Suing for Personal Injuries in Metro Accidents in Glen Burnie, Maryland

In Maryland, a lot of people elect to travel by the Metro-bus or Metro-rail. This transportation system is used by people going back and forth to work, and those who must go into the city for other reasons. Unfortunately, during the course of traveling back and forth, accidents are bound to occur. In some of those accidents, people end up getting injured, sometimes badly enough to need extensive care. At such times, lawsuits may ensue. There is a law firm that represents clients involved in Metro Accidents in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Here is some vital information a potential client may want to know.

Oftentimes, injuries sustained in the bus or rail accidents are not the fault of those injured. Sometimes, the driver falls asleep at the wheel. The driver could be intoxicated or otherwise impaired. The bus or rail may not be properly maintained. The driver may be traveling too fast for inclement weather. Many reasons surface as to why an accident occurred. In any case, those who are injured in those accidents may find that they are able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Generally, the statute of limitations in Maryland for filing a personal injury case is three years. However, the plaintiff should be aware that in most states, that limitation is shortened significantly for government agencies. There will be challenges that arise from suing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which serves Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. This is the agency the Metro-bus and the Metro-rail fall under. Since the government agency is self-insured, a whole new layer of “red tape” is added as the plaintiff tries to get justice. This is why it is important to get a competent attorney.

If involved in Metro Accidents in Glen Burnie, Maryland, seek out an attorney right away. The Jaklitsch Law Group has been helping clients successfully fight their personal injury cases for many years. In addition to bus accidents and other traffic related personal injuries, the law firm also represents clients for nursing home injuries, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and other related incidents. If you are interested in having the firm represent you for any Metro Accidents in Glen Burnie, Maryland or the Baltimore, Maryland area, visit the website.