Whether it’s to commute or simply for fun, people love riding bicycles. However, this fun activity can turn into a dangerous situation if you are hit by another driver. Here are three steps to take after being involved in a bicycle accident.

Exchange Information with the Other Parties

One of the most important things to do after an accident is exchange information with other drivers. This includes obtaining names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance provider information. While it might feel tempting, avoid discussing anything about who’s at fault during this time.

Contact the Police

It’s also imperative to contact the police after an accident takes place. By doing this, you’ll have a neutral third party who can collect evidence on your behalf. It is also helpful to have the police at the scene of an accident to help control the situation.

Hire the Help of a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Most people don’t understand what to do after a bicycle accident in Queens County, NY occurs. For assistance with what comes next, hire the help of a lawyer. If you do this, you will have a legal professional on your side to give you advice whenever you need. This is extremely beneficial, especially for someone without much legal knowledge. While no case is ever a guaranteed win, hiring a lawyer is much wiser than trying to represent yourself.

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