In Illinois, laws dictate that all pet owners are required to maintain control over their pets. This reduces the probability of an accident that leads to serious injuries. Owners must take steps to prevent their animals from attacking visitors and service providers that enter their homes. The following details describe what is involved in an injury case after animal attacks in Joliet.

Visiting a Doctor for Treatment

The first step for the victim is to seek treatment for their injuries. All records are needed to support the victim’s claim against the pet owner. The records show conclusive evidence of how the injuries occurred and how they will impact the victim’s life in the future. They also define whether they are minimal or generated a loss for the victim. The loss of limb or function could define further liabilities for the pet owner.

Is Quarantine Needed?

Once the victim seeks medical care, the doctor must report the attack to the animal control officer. The animal control officer will issue a notification requiring the pet owner to provide details about the animal. They must provide evidence of a shot record or the animal must go into quarantine for a period of at least twelve days. The quarantine period defines if the animal has rabies or exhibits aggressive behavior patterns.

How Does a Strict Liability Apply?

A strict liability applies when the animal was involved in a previous attack. The outcome of the attack plays a role in determining if the animal is violent or not. If the animal has a history of violence, the pet owners are held at a stricter liability. This indicates that they are deemed responsible for all medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

What Is the Typical Outcome of These Cases?

If the animal is deemed a risk to the public, the animal is euthanized. However, if they aren’t a further risk, they are released to the pet owner. However, the pet owner is responsible for the incident if the animal wasn’t provoked and the victim wasn’t trespassing.

In Illinois, laws dictate the responsibilities of pet owners. These responsibilities are associated with preventing their pets from attacking humans. For more information, visit Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C.