What Do Family Estate Planning Lawyers in Port Orchard, WA Do for Their Clients?

by | Oct 9, 2022 | impulselegal

It’s a sad truth that nobody lives forever. Many people have difficulty facing up to this fact, and one of the unfortunate consequences is that they do not give enough thought to what could happen if they become sick, and how their assets will be divided upon death. As emotionally overwhelming as it can be, the processes of creating a last will and testament and assigning a medical power of attorney are important in today’s society. Family estate planning lawyer in Port Orchard, WA can help their clients to draw up documents that will protect them if they become sick and ensure that their wishes are fulfilled after their death.

One of the most important tasks estate planning lawyers perform is aiding in a client’s creation of the last will and testament. This document will ensure that any remaining property or assets will be dealt with and distributed accordingly. It will also name the person or group who will be responsible for carrying out the terms of the will. This person is known as an executor. Those with children should include provisions for assigning guardianship should the other parent be unable to assume care or custody as well.

Assigning a power of attorney is a second very important process that often requires the help of an attorney. The person appointed will be legally responsible for medical decisions should the individual in question become incapacitated or ruled incompetent. The same person or a different party can be appointed responsibility for business and financial affairs. It’s important to specify whether the power of attorney is durable or springing, as this decision affects when the document comes into effect.

Family estate planning lawyers in Port Orchard, WA can also help to arbitrate disputes regarding their client’s estate and can be named executors of wills and charged with the power of attorney should their clients so desire. The best time to draft important documents and make decisions regarding the power of attorney and the division of assets is as soon as possible. Don’t wait until a serious illness or dangerous accident occurs. It’s best to prepare for the future now.

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