Preparing a will is not always easy, especially when a person has a large estate. A will is a legally binding document and needs to be treated as such. Before someone files their will, it is imperative they meet with a Wills Attorney in Redlands, CA. Getting help from an attorney will help to ensure the will is drawn up properly and does not contain any loopholes that would place a burden on the beneficiaries.

What Can Individuals Expect From the Process?

Estate planning is a fairly straightforward process but it is best handled with the help and guidance of a lawyer. Getting help from a lawyer is an important step in ensuring the process is conducted legally and with as little stress as possible. A Wills Attorney in Redlands, CA will help their client through the entire process and will ensure the will is legally sound and will hold up through any probate process. The following steps will be taken in the process.

  • One of the first steps in drawing up a will is naming the beneficiaries. Before going to the appointment with the attorney, it is wise for the individual to list all of their beneficiaries and include their names and contact information. The full contact information of each beneficiary will need to be listed in the will documents so the individuals can be contacted upon the death.
  • If there are minor children, the individual will need to decide who will be named as the guardian. It is wise for the individual to talk with the person or persons they plan on naming to ensure they are willing and able to take on the responsibility.
  • Many individuals decide to hold their property in a living trust so they will be able to provide for their beneficiaries without the tax implications. A trust can help individuals to avoid the expensive and lengthy probate process that often occurs.

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