Using a Mediation Lawyer in Mankato MN

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Lawyer

When someone decides to get divorced, they may run into discrepancies regarding who is to get custody of any children in the family. If this is the case, the couple will most likely need to go to court to have a judge determine custody and visitation. Before this happens, however, most couples will use a mediation lawyer in Mankato, MN to help come to an agreement regarding custody in the interim.

The couple will meet with this lawyer in a session where they can each talk about their wants for any children. The lawyer will then discuss this information with the mediator, who will listen to each side and come up with suggestions about how to proceed. It is very important for each person fighting for custody to be agreeable with the schedule proposed. Often this schedule will continue after the divorce is finalized if it seems to be working well for the children. Because of this, the session may take a while.

The session would start by having the partners discuss options to make sure both parties receives a fair amount of time with the children when waiting for a custody court case to take place. The lawyer will speak in behalf of their client if this cannot be done civilly. Often the parties will not want to go through the discussion on their own and they will rely on their attorneys to help them receive a fair temporary custody and visitation schedule.

It is a good idea to have a list of wants available to bring to the session. The lawyer will take a look at this information and try to get the other lawyer to agree to the terms. They will most likely come back with a counter-offer. This may happen several times before each party agrees. If an agreement cannot be made, a judge would have the final say in temporary custody until court.

If someone is in need of a mediation lawyer in Mankato, MN, they can look for a professional practice in the area. Take a look at to find a reliable attorney for this type of case. A consultation can be made if desired.

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