Riding a motorcycle is part of Wisconsin culture, but it can also lead to a dangerous accident when other drivers are not paying attention. Slippery roads from icy winter weather may contribute to this tragedy. If you’ve suffered from any type of traffic collision, you need to meet with an attorney who is experienced in handling personal injury cases.

Specializing in Personal Injuries

Our firm Schoone, Leuck, Kelly, Pitts & Pitts SC consists of motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Kenosha, WI. We handle various insurance claims relating to automobile accidents, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability and dog bites.

We invite you to browse the site to learn about cases similar to yours and how we’ve helped many victims recover significant settlements. There are vital steps to take when filing court papers and we’ll make sure your case is handled properly. Any deviation from this complex process can slow down or nullify your chances of being awarded compensation for your injuries.

Let Our Experience Guide You

Some people assume that they have an open and shut case so they decide to save money by representing themselves. But you really do need professional legal assistance to make sure your case is presented properly in court.

Motorcycle accidents can be very severe to the point that it can affect your health, finances, employment and livelihood. If you are entitled to a settlement you should follow the most logical path, which is to be represented by experienced motorcycle accident injury attorneys in Kenosha, WI. Browse the site to learn more about our services then contact us at (262) 886-8240.