Truck Accident Lawyers in Loveland Will Help You Through This Difficult Time

Truck accidents can result in some of the most serious injuries on the highway today. The size and weight of the truck against a car or a motorcycle are not a match. Many individuals who are involved in trucking accidents end up with broken bones, serious internal injuries, head or brain trauma, spinal injuries, nerve damage, and permanent scarring. These serious injuries can affect someone’s life forever and less fortunate individuals can even lose their life. Experienced truck accident lawyers in Loveland will aggressively fight for these victims and protect their rights during this difficult time. It’s important that they focus on healing and recovery instead of fighting with an insurance company.

What Can Cause a Serious Trucking Accident?

A distracted driver, poor maintenance, inexperience, driver fatigue, and mechanical failure are a few of the reasons a truck accident can occur. The cause of the accident must be thoroughly investigated by an attorney, and the results will determine who will be held financially liable for the injuries. In certain situations, the truck and trailer are owned by separate companies and the driver doesn’t work for either of them.

What Happens If Someone Is Killed in a Trucking Accident?

Unfortunately, drivers and passengers can lose their life in a trucking accident. In this type of cases, truck accident lawyers in Loveland will file a wrongful death case against the negligent party’s insurance company. They are usually filed by a parent, spouse, or child of the deceased individual. The money that is received is usually given to the estate to be disbursed per the deceased individual’s will.

Personal Injuries

A trucking accident that results in a serious injury can be handled by a personal injury lawyer. They can also represent individuals who have been hurt in other accidents such as auto, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents. The difference with a trucking accident is that there are a variety of individuals who can be held liable depending on the cause of the accident.

If you have been seriously injured because of the careless act of another driver and suffered serious injuries, Burton & Burton can help you navigate through these difficult times. They are caring and compassionate people and they possess years of experience representing personal injury victims.