Three Things To Look For In The Right Family Law Attorney For Your Case

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If you ask ten people who have been through a recent divorce to name the best attorney, you will most likely hear a few different names. Most people equate best with the most well known, which may be the family law attorney with the biggest billboards, the most frequently seen online advertisement or the most often heard radio spots.

In fact, the right family law attorney is not the same for everyone. However, there are some common characteristics these attorneys share, which is a good starting point for narrowing down a search to find the ideal professional to represent you in your divorce case.

Professional Competence and Trust

A family law attorney should be a professional with a highly ethical and professional approach to working with clients. These are not aggressive attorneys or attorneys who are always in court; rather they are the professional who works with their client’s best interests in mind at all times.

These are the attorneys who inspire trust and confidence. They provide clients with a sense of competence in negotiation and litigation with a precise, logical approach to the case.

Excellent Communication Skills

The ability to make sense for the client of the legal system, the decisions, and the choices in a divorce is critical for a family law attorney. The attorneys with the ability to help people through these challenging times without increasing conflict or confusion are extremely helpful to the process.

Ability to Negotiate

The vast majority of divorce cases do not go to court. A divorce lawyer with the ability to negotiate with the other attorney and agree to a divorce settlement without the need to go to court will save you money as well as speed up the divorce process.

Take the time to meet with a small number of divorce lawyers. Choose the one you feel comfortable with based on their expertise, experience, and ability to represent you through the divorce.

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