The varied tasks of a business attorney

In the business world, there are two indispensable professionals that are needed; an accountant and a business attorney. It is obvious why a company needs to have an accountant, the reasons for having a business attorney in Wichita KS may not be as clear. A business attorney provides clients with counsel and assistance with almost every aspect of their business right from the day of incorporation to the day of dissolution if that becomes necessary. The attorney can handle litigation, write and review contracts and offer advice on copyright and trademarks.

From the beginning:

The relationship between a business attorney and his or her business client starts with the formation of the business. The attorney offers advice on the formation of the business whether it is a simple sole proprietorship or a more complex corporation. Once the business has been set-up the attorney may be tasked to file whatever reports and other information that is required by various government agencies.

The skills of the attorney:

The practice of law is not unlike the practice of medicine, it is complex, and both doctors and attorneys are becoming specialists in certain areas. An attorney that focuses his or her practice of residential real-estate closing, wills, etc. rarely would have the specific skills and knowledge needed to handle complex business matters, the business attorney in Wichita KS will have in-depth knowledge of the following areas:

  • Contracts: Your attorney will have to understand your business, the attorney will help you prepare contracts that your company may be asked to enter into with customers and suppliers, and he or she will review all contracts that others wish you to enter into.
  • Business formation: Your attorney will be called upon to help you decide which type of business is best suited for what it is you are planning; he or she will prepare the necessary documentation and file it with the proper authorities.
  • Real Estate: Leasing commercial space can be very complex, and the lease will always be drafted to be of benefit to the property owner. Commercial leases are often thought to be non-negotiable; your attorney must be in a position to insert provisions that are of benefit to you.

Just as a business attorney in Wichita KS is an integral part of forming the business, he or she is equally as important if the business is dissolved. There may be guidelines for dissolution that were pre-established that include such things as a dissolution of assets, dealing with outstanding debt and employee termination. The importance of having an established relationship with a seasoned business attorney cannot be over emphasized, visit for details.

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