The Times When You Will Need an Industrial Accident Lawyer in Columbus, IN

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Lawyers

An employee climbing down a scaffold accidentally slips when he is near the bottom, falls hard, and breaks his ankle. Fortunately, he is at work and so workers’ compensation is supposed to kick after he follows proper procedures, such as reporting the accident to the right people.

Sometimes there are delays with the workers’ compensation, and sometimes the benefit may be denied either by the insurance company or the employer. An Industrial Accident Lawyer in Columbus IN represents employees involved in situations like these and wants them to know their rights.

Understanding the Process of Workers’ Compensation in an Industrial Accident

In the scenario above, the employee has been denied workers’ compensation benefits and will probably need a lawyer to obtain the benefits. Other options that may become available in the process include filing a personal injury lawsuit and, if the injury is severe enough, file for social security disability. If the client is going to file a personal injury lawsuit, the statute of limitations could be anywhere from two years to 20 years depending on the nature of the lawsuit.

More About the Industrial Accident Lawsuit

The plaintiff who ends up filing an industrial accident lawsuit should be sure to record all the details of what happened in a logbook because, as time passes, the details will be forgotten. The plaintiff should also keep in mind that the insurance company will do all it can to avoid paying the plaintiff, even finding that the plaintiff is partly to blame for what happened. If this is found to be true, the plaintiff may lose a percentage of any damages awarded in the industrial accident lawsuit.

An Industrial Accident Attorney in Indiana

People who live in Indiana can find many lawyers and law firms who will represent them in an industrial accident lawsuit or other personal injury lawsuits. Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath LLP is a law firm that represents the legal interest of clients in Columbus, Indiana or the surrounding areas. If a person needs an Industrial Accident Lawyer in Columbus IN, the law firm is available. More information is available on the firm’s website.

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