The Advantages of Using an Asset Protection Law Firm in Las Vegas, NV

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Lawyer

The average person may not think they need legal measures such as asset protection. However, this type of legal maneuvering can be extremely helpful, especially for people who own their own businesses. It’s also beneficial for people who have a number of personal assets. Regardless, protecting them with the help of an asset protection law firm in Las Vegas, NV is a wise option.

One of the best reasons for using the services of an asset protection attorney is when a person has a small business. A person can often be sued in the course of owning a small to medium-size business. There are times where these lawsuits may exceed the type of insurance the business has protecting them. In these cases, if a lawsuit goes against the business, the business owner may have to cover any shortfalls in compensation out-of-pocket. This can lead to personal assets and business assets being seized and sold to pay any sort of settlement a court has awarded.

Asset protection helps to legally move various personal and business assets to places where they cannot be reached. Many times, this means the establishment of limited liability corporations or family limited partnerships. In addition, various assets can be transferred into things such as IRA accounts or revocable trusts.

It’s also important to think about these things before problems arise. While an asset protection law firm in Las Vegas, NV can be helpful in moving assets and funds to areas where they can’t be accessed by a third party, these law firms cannot act in a fraudulent manner. If a person knows that they are going to be sued or are in the process of being sued, employing asset protection measures can easily be overturned by the courts. That’s why taking care of these situations ahead of time can keep a person’s personal and business assets safe from seizure and liquidation.

There’s a great number of things to consider when it comes to protecting a person’s business and personal assets. That’s why it’s important to speak with an attorney about the various ways you can protect your assets. By speaking with an attorney like Grant Morris Dodds, a viable and legal method for protecting your assets can be drawn up. If you need more information about this and other asset protection legal services, you can simply click here.

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