Talk With a Criminal Law Firm in Moorhead, MN About Alternatives to Jail

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Lawyers

Even if a defendant is guilty, the resulting jail sentence they could receive for the crime may interrupt their life to the point it’s difficult for them to get back on track once they’re released. Instead, there may be other options they will want to look into. The judge will need to approve any alternative penalties, but when the defendant works with a Criminal Law Firm Moorhead MN, they might have a better chance of avoiding jail.

House Arrest

One option a judge might agree to is house arrest instead of jail. While under house arrest, the defendant will need to wear a monitor that can be tracked by law enforcement. The person will need to remain in their home at all times unless there are provisions for basic shopping needs or going to work. This can allow the defendant to continue working and supporting their household instead of being in jail where they cannot work and bring in the needed income for the family.


Another option is probation. This is similar to house arrest except the defendant won’t be required to wear a monitor. Instead, they will need to ensure they are where they are supposed to be if their probation officer checks on them via a phone call or in person. They will be able to go to work but may have limits on the hours they can work. They may also have other limitations based on the rulings from the judge.


It’s possible for the judge to order rehabilitation instead of jail time if the arrest had to do with drugs or alcohol. In these cases, the defendant will typically have to participate in and complete an in-patient rehab program. If they do not complete the program, they may end up completing their sentence in jail. This gives them the chance to seek help instead of just doing their sentence in jail.

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