Starting A Product Liability Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart, FL

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Lawyers

In Florida, a product liability occurs when a manufacturer fails to protect consumers from unnecessary injuries. The liability applies when potential risks are mismanaged during the design and assembly process. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL offers assistance for consumers who were injured due to the negligence of manufacturers.

Assessing the Product

The consumer has two options for acquiring credible testing for the product that caused the consumer’s injuries. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency conducts testing to determine if the steps followed by the consumer could produce their injuries. However, the agency conducts an investigation only if the injuries are more serious, and the product poses a significant risk to consumers.

The alternative to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency is to conduct private forensic testing in a lab. The claimant could face additional fees for private testing. Their attorney explains any additional costs beyond standard legal fees related to their case.

Examining the Product Packaging

Any product that could produce an injury under certain conditions must have warning labels. The labels must explain what conditions produce the injuries and what steps must be followed to avoid the injuries. If the manufacturer doesn’t follow the law and affix the warning labels, they are liable for any injuries that resulted from known risks.

The Liability of the Manufacturer

The manufacturer is liable for any consumer-related injuries that could have been avoided. The manufacturer is required to provide instructions for using the product. The packaging must also explain any risks related to the product and what to do under specific circumstances. For example, chemicals that could lead to a life-threatening condition must offer contact information for a poison control service.

What is the Possible Outcome of a Legal Claim?

A legal claim could provide the consumer with compensation for their medical expenses and financial losses. Under some circumstances, the product recall is issued by the Consumer Rights Protection Agency.

In Florida, product liability cases could lead to product recalls and possible class-action lawsuits. The claims present the liability of the manufacturer based on the type of product and federal laws that apply to the product. Victims of a product liability contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart’s FL to start a claim or Visit the site right now.

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