A Slip and Fall Attorney in Loveland Can Help with Premises Liability Cases

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Slip and fall events are just one type of premises liability case, which are some of the most difficult to pursue. This is due to tort reform and the law’s harsh stance on these cases. However, with the information in this guide and the help of a slip and fall attorney in Loveland, victims are more likely to get the compensation they deserve.

Premises Negligence Cases

These cases involve allegations of dangerous circumstances or conditions involving the premises that subsequently caused injuries. For instance, if a person trips over an unsecured extension cord, is bitten by bedbugs in a hotel, or is shocked by an exposed wire, they may have a case.

Negligent Activities

These cases involve claims that an employee hurt someone while performing their job duties. For example, if an employee knocks a shelf onto someone, drops something on a person, or runs into a customer with a forklift, there may be a claim.

Negligent Undertaking

In a negligent undertaking case, a property owner contracts for or assumes a duty where they wouldn’t otherwise have one. As far as premises injury cases are concerned, these often involve relationships between tenants and landlords. A good example is when a landlord promises security provisions in lease paperwork but doesn’t do so, and the tenant is injured.

Proving Negligence

Each of the above premises liability case types is held to a varying standard of proof.

  • In a premises negligence case, a client and their slip and fall attorney in Loveland must prove the existence of a dangerous condition, the condition caused the injury, the owner knew about the condition, and they failed to remedy it.
  • In negligent activity cases, it must be proven that the worker acted as a prudent person would have under similar circumstances.
  • In negligent undertaking cases, operators must have assumed a duty where it would not have existed otherwise. The victim must have relied on the operator to fulfill that duty, and they must have been injured because of the operator’s failure to perform.

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