In Washington, civil lawsuits are filled due to a wrongful death after a crime is committed. These cases are a clear indication of an avoidable circumstance that could have been prevented. This indicates that the defendant caused the victim’s death due to their actions or an act of negligence. The following is about how a wrongful death attorney in Bellingham, WA reviews civil lawsuits connected to criminal cases.

The Results of the Criminal Case

The results of the criminal case can influence a civil lawsuit for a wrongful death. The point is to prove that the defendant is liable for the victim’s death in the civil case. However, if the defendant isn’t convicted of the crime, it could present some difficulties in the civil case.

The Evidence Supporting the Claim

The most compelling evidence needed to support the civil claim is the autopsy. The autopsy provides the exact cause of the victim’s death. If the autopsy shows a link between the injuries and their death, they have adequate evidence to show that the defendant caused their death. However, the autopsy cannot present evidence of any condition that could have caused their death that isn’t connected to the criminal case.

Testimony to Define the Liability of the Defendant

Witnesses that appeared before the court in the criminal case can be acquired for the civil case. If these witnesses can present evidence of the wrongful death, they can provide support for the family’s claim. However, if their testimony was discredited in the criminal case, these could present some hindrances.

What Type of Awards Could Families Acquire?

The family acquires an award for their losses. Typically, they receive repayment for all their expenses. This includes hospital bills, funeral costs, and any other expenses associated with the crime. If the victim left behind a spouse or a child, these beneficiaries may receive an award for lifetime support.

In Washington, civil lawsuits are filed for a wrongful death when a criminal act caused a fatality. The purpose is to assist the family in acquiring compensation for their losses. Families that have experienced these devastating circumstances contact a wrongful death attorney in Bellingham, WA through Allen Law Firm today.