Reviewing Circumstances Related To Child Custody Law In Stroudsburg, PA

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In Pennsylvania, parents must determine their child custody arrangements in their divorce agreement. If they are unable to acquire an agreement, they will attend mediation. If these measures aren’t successful, the parents must attend a child custody hearing. The following is a review of Child Custody Law in Stroudsburg PA and requirements.

Identifying Risks in the Home

Common risks that could affect child custody are drug or alcohol addiction, abuse, and neglect. The judge assigns a caseworker to review each home to determine if these risks exist. If a parent presents risks to the child, they will not acquire child custody. They will be ordered to go to a treatment program if they have an addiction. The caseworker will revisit the home at different intervals to assess these risks.

Determining Child Custody

The judge reviews the report from the caseworker. They assess the income of each parent and determine which parent provides the most suitable home environment. In some cases, they will provide joint custody if each parent can remain responsible and provide for the child. If risks are present, one parent is awarded sole custody.

Reviewing Visitation Arrangements

Visitation for joint custody is typically on weekends or alternating weekends. In some cases, one parent has the child during the school year while the other has the child during the summer. Arrangements for birthdays and holidays are also addressed. The judge may assign a certain amount of time for each parent.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody

If domestic violence is present, child custody is affected only if the child was the victim. However, if the offense was related to severe injuries or attempted murder, the defendant will not acquire custody. The court may assign supervised visitation for this parent as well. A protection order can be extended if the child was the victim to prevent further injuries.

In Pennsylvania, parents must acquire legal counsel to mitigate risks associated with child custody assignments. They will need assistance in proving their case if risks to their child exist. Parents who need help through Child Custody Law in Stroudsburg PA can Learn more about us here today.

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