Review Details with a Defective Product Attorney in New London, CT

In Connecticut, liabilities faced by manufacturers are not limited to accidents and injuries. The manufacturer must test all products and ensure they perform as expected. However, specific types of liabilities are outlined in the law that present victims with the legal right to seek compensation from a manufacturer. A defective product attorney in New London, CT provides legal services that encompass all product defects.

Defining Marketing Defect

A marketing defect is defined by advertising strategies that misrepresent the product and how it performs. It also applies to the packaging for the product and any claims made by the manufacturer. Conditions that could lead to variations in results should be included in a disclaimer. If they aren’t, consumers have a right to file a claim for false advertising or claims.

Product Design Defect

A design flaw exists in design used to create the product. The manufacturer must follow federal laws when testing the design. If any components of the product fail, the manufacturer must manage the flaws and ensure that products operate properly. A design flaw is also considered a risk and could generate consumer injuries. Manufacturers are liable for design defects, especially when the flaws cause injuries.

Defect During Manufacturing

Defects during the manufacturing process can be generated by assembly workers. The flaws should be discovered during inspections. The process requires the assembly workers to inspect the product at the end of each phase of the creation process. In fact, an inspector must sign off on the product indicating that it is free of flaws. When defects are generated, the inspectors must remove the product and prevent it from ending up in the hands of consumers.

In Connecticut, product liabilities include conditions that lead to injuries as well as false claims about the product. Consumers who sustain injuries or purchase inadequate products have the legal right to start a defective product claim.

Under federal laws, manufacturers must test their products for risks and correct conditions that prevent them from performing properly. Victims of these conditions contact a defective product attorney in New London, CT can contact Stephen M. Reck or visit the website for more information now.