A victim may wonder if they need an Accident Attorney in Rochester MN after a collision, and the answer depends on the severity of the accident. For a fender-bender without injuries, it’s not always necessary, but serious accidents could benefit from an attorney’s advice. Below are several indications that a victim should hire an attorney after an auto accident.

The Accident Involved Death or Serious Injury

If the accident resulted in serious injuries or death, it’s worthwhile to hire an attorney. These events are traumatic for all involved, and most result in complicated lawsuits with high damages. An attorney can calculate a fair settlement amount, guide the client through the legal system, and provide representation in the event of a counterclaim.

Multiple Parties Were Involved

If the accident involved multiple vehicles and drivers, it may be advisable to hire an accident lawyer. A lawyer can fight to keep a client’s share of liability as low as possible, and they can communicate with other parties’ attorneys and insurance adjusters.

The Other Driver Was Uninsured

If any of the parties involved in the accident lack auto insurance, the victim should look for an Accident Attorney in Rochester MN as soon as possible. Most insurers offer uninsured motorist coverage, but it may not be sufficient to cover a victim’s damages. An attorney can help a client file a civil claim against an uninsured party.

Gathering Evidence About the Event

If a victim needs to gather evidence about the accident, they may need an attorney. For instance, newer cars have a ‘black box’ that records critical info during an accident. The information from the black box may be able to establish speed and other factors, but it can only be collected via a court order.

Settlement Negotiations

Many accident suits settle out of court, which can help a client save a great deal of money. However, the negotiation process can be difficult, and an accident attorney can help a client bargain for a higher settlement.

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