Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in De Pere, WI

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Lawyer

While it is possible for parties going through a divorce to represent themselves in court, in the vast majority of situations, it is a mistake for them to choose this route. In the rare cases where both members of a married couple filing for divorce are committed to ending their marriage equitably and neither of them has shared assets or children, self-representation can work just fine. However, for those who are facing spousal support payments, child custody disagreements, and other unpleasant consequences of divorce, hiring a Divorce Lawyer in De Pere WI as early on in the process as possible is a must.

Familiarity With Matrimonial Law and Family Court

While litigants who choose to represent themselves in court are not legally entitled to any special treatment, their lack of specialized knowledge regarding matrimonial law places them at a natural disadvantage. Any party who doesn’t know exactly what documents are required, what time-frame needs to be followed, or how to present a case in court should absolutely entrust these important aspects of filing for a divorce to a lawyer.

Objective Advice

Couples going through divorces are bombarded with emotionally challenging issues, which can hinder their ability to work together productively to resolve legal matters. A Divorce Lawyer in De Pere WI can offer his or her objective opinions to clients, helping them to keep a clear head and avoid the pitfalls of becoming overly emotional and irrational. A good lawyer will be able to help his or her clients to avoid allowing their emotions to sabotage their cases.

Help With Paperwork

Those who choose to go through the divorce process without any legal guidance often report feeling like they are being buried alive beneath a mountain of necessary, but quite confusing, paperwork. A lawyer will know exactly what forms will meet the unique needs of his or her clients and can help them to collect the information required to fill them out correctly. Given that judges rely heavily on the documents provided by each side to decide on an outcome for the case, the ability to file paperwork correctly and on-time is absolutely essential.

Get Help Now

Anyone who is filing for divorce can contact Brabazon Law Office LLC to schedule a consultation. It’s always best to hire a lawyer early-on in the process, so don’t put it off until things have already begun to go wrong with the case; call today.

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