Questions About Related Factors That Can Be Addressed by a Traffic Attorney in Madison

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Virginia, traffic violations can lead to high costs and a license suspension. They could also present the driver with a jail sentence if the violations are severe. The following questions review vital details about these cases that a traffic attorney in Madison, VA can address.

How Do Traffic Light Cameras Work?

The traffic light camera can take pictures of vehicles as they approach the traffic light and as soon as their license plate is in view. These two images are used to acquire information about the driver. They can present the county with the information necessary to issue a traffic citation. They are typically used to catch drivers who are speeding or running red lights. The driver will receive a violation in the mail once the citation is processed.

What Conditions Could Affect a Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer must be serviced according to the jail’s maintenance schedule. This determines if the equipment is operating correctly. If the jail doesn’t perform the necessary maintenance, the driver could use defective equipment as a defense. If the equipment is tested by the court, this ruling could dismiss the case completely.

Can Mechanical Failures Help Drivers Avoid Citations?

In some cases, yes, it is possible. However, the driver must acquire evidence of these mechanical failures and present them to the judge. These conditions must apply to the breaks or accelerator primarily. However, if other faulty equipment leads to a one-car accident, the county could test the automobile for these liabilities.

How Is an At-Fault Driver Identified?

The officers must conduct an assessment based on all drivers involved. They will inspect the roadway and damage to determine the sequence of events that caused the accident. Once identified, the officer will create an accident report.

In Virginia, drivers must review any citation in which they are accused to determine if they have a viable defense. These citations could also be based on faulty equipment such as breathalyzers. They could be based on faulty repairs that cause an accident. Drivers who need a traffic attorney in Madison, VA should visit Gayheart and Willis for more information now.

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