Slip and fall cases are often labeled as the basic personal injury example. It seems to offer the least amount of “wiggle room” in building an argument. If a person slipped on the premises, they are liable to open up a lawsuit.

Though this may be the case, there may be additional nuances that add to the dynamics of a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall attorneys in Upper Marlboro MD find surprising layers when reviewing between the lines that consider the total event, including why it happened and who is involved from the business end.

It all often turns back to who is at fault, and the burden of proof is an always-shifting line. Establishing the burden of proof often lies with the injured and the slip and fall attorneys in Upper Marlboro MD. But, it will incorporate an extensive series of actions.

The Fault of the Business

To establish the fault, the injured must typically settle on if there was something that caused the incident that was consciously ignored. The injured person fell because a giant block was sitting in the middle of the dining room. The block didn’t need to be present. The block obviously could not be easily missed as its resting in the middle of the room. To further settle the argument, employees were seen walking around the block. The owner could have picked up the block and put it back again.

The Problem of the Wall

All of this points to a clear case. But, what if the injured person fell into a wall? Could that be predicted? Could the business instantly be responsible because it was their wall?

These questions complicate the matter because there was no clear fault. It would actually have the potential to fall into the building design. Was the wall necessary? Did it have to, say, cross the middle of the dining room? Was there enough clearance around the wall for someone to easily not fall into it?

Of course, the question also leads to other matters, such as what is surrounding the wall. For example, large and cumbersome objects could be sitting near the wall, thus opening the door for a potential head injury. These are all questions posed and explored for anyone who would visit website domain.