Personal Injury Lawyers in Jacksonville, TX Provide Invaluable Help in Defamation Cases

Defamation is the publishing of false statements that cause harm to a victim. Whether statements are published in the newspaper, spoken, or posted online, they can harm individuals and businesses. However, a wronged party can protect themselves by speaking to personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville TX. In this article, readers will learn what the litigation process entails.

The Initial Consultation

When a client first meets with an attorney, they should be as honest and thorough as possible. Useful information includes a copy of the statement, including comments if it was posted online. Clients should list potential witnesses along with their contact info. If the client seeks damages, they should bring documents such as bank statements that prove monetary losses. An attorney can tell the client which materials are needed, but it’s best to be over-prepared. Clients and lawyers should trust one another, and the client should provide all the facts-;even those that may harm the case.

Filing a Complaint

Once the client meets with the lawyer and the initial investigation has been completed, a formal complaint will be filed. The complaint officially starts the lawsuit, but clients should remember that these suits often progress slowly. A defamation trial can take over a year to start if the case is not settled beforehand. Moreover, settlement negotiations can progress over the duration of a case.

The Discovery Phase

After the lawsuit is filed, a defendant must be served and given time to submit a written response. The court then issues a schedule detailing all relevant deadlines. The discovery process is each side’s formal investigation, where opposing attorneys send written questions referred to as interrogatories. Questions are answered under oath, and they help each side find out about the other side’s case.  to find out how attorneys work with clients to gather relevant documents and answer interrogatories.


After the discovery phase, depositions occur. The deposition is an interview where the opposing attorney questions the party. The client’s lawyer helps them prepare for the deposition and, in most cases, both parties are deposed.


Once discovery and depositions conclude, settlement negotiations can begin. Attorneys work toward settlement throughout a case, but discovery furnishes the information needed to assess a case’s likely outcome. From here, personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville TX can advise the client about a potential settlement.