Mind-Altering Substances and the Relationship to Trucking Accidents in Bowie

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Lawyer

A review of studies that was published in 2014 found a troubling number of truck drivers with alcohol in their blood samples. Drinking alcohol is a significant risk factor for causing a collision while operating any type of vehicle. Trucking Accidents in Bowie are more likely when the driver is impaired due to alcohol use, especially when that factor is combined with other aspects such as lack of sleep, road fatigue and feeling the pressure to hurry.

The research looked at studies from several countries. One aspect considered was the average percentage of truck drivers with blood alcohol content across studies in different countries. Disturbingly, the United States average was highest, with 12.5 percent of drivers having some level of alcohol in their blood while on the road.

In addition, truck drivers use other mind-altering substances that can have a negative impact on their behavior. Some resort to using amphetamines or cocaine to fight fatigue and stay awake. The drugs may work for that purpose, but they also can lead to road rage, aggressive behavior and problems with judgment. That can result in Trucking Accidents in Bowie. You can click here to get more details.

Use of alcohol and other mind-altering drugs was found to be associated with numerous characteristics of drivers and their circumstances. Younger drivers were more likely to indulge. Long trips, driving at night and lack of sleep all were important aspects.

Drinking alcohol and using other drugs while on the road was more common for drivers with small and medium-sized companies. Those companies tend to be operating at extremely slim margins. This results in drivers feeling compelled to drive more hours than is legally allowed and to get less sleep than they need. If the trucks do not include electronic devices tracking the hours on the road, the drivers can fudge their logbooks. All of these issues can cause Trucking Accidents in Bowie.

These accidents tend to be serious and are more likely to cause severe injuries, disability, and even fatalities. A firm such as the Jaklitsch Law Group represents people who have been injured due to an accident involving a large truck, and their family members as well.

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