Why You Might Need an Employment Rights Attorney in Springfield, MA

by | May 25, 2017 | Lawyers

As an employee, you likely rely on your wages to pay your bills, finance your vacations, and essentially keep your life moving forward. If something threatens that, it could impact whatever stability you have built up around your job. You might find that you can’t pay for the things you need to keep your family safe and secure. Such an impact could be incredibly disruptive and stressful, which is why employees are often intimidated by their employers. They worry that they are being mistreated, but taking action will result in them losing their wages.

If you think you’ve been mistreated, you need an employment rights attorney. You have rights, and you cannot be punished for exercising those rights.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is often thought of as crass and brazen sexual advances. That is definitely the case, but it’s not always the full picture. Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advances, but it’s also any punishment for the rejection of sexual advances. An employment rights attorney in Springfield, MA will be able to help you argue your sexual harassment case even if nothing overt happened.

For example, if an employer asks you on a date and you decline, that’s not necessarily sexual harassment. However, if you then sense that the employer is cutting your hours, skipping over you for opportunities, or in any way treating you unfairly, you could have a case. You should visit a site such as visit us website to exercise your rights.

Other Discrimination

There are elements of discrimination that might lead you to question whether you need an employment rights attorney. Some of these are subtler than others. For example, if you wear a hijab, you cannot be forced to take it off as long as it does not interfere with your work. You have rights at work, and you have the right to exercise them.

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