Miami, FL Mediation Services Help Resolve Disputes About Divorce Issues

by | May 17, 2022 | Divorce Lawyer

Going to court and letting a judge decide contested issues in a divorce has become significantly less common compared with decades ago. Now, when divorcing spouses cannot resolve their issues directly or through collaboration sessions, they benefit from mediation services in Miami, FL.

About the Mediator

An objective individual who has been trained to help divorcing couples resolve disputes. This might be a retired judge, a social worker, a psychologist, or a family lawyer not otherwise involved with the case.

The Process

The mediator helps the spouses negotiate, communicate effectively and come up with new possibilities for resolution. The spouses don’t need to be together during the sessions. If the split is not amicable, they may sit in separate rooms. The individual providing mediation services in Miami, FL goes from one room to the next with the other spouse’s responses and new communications.

Sometimes only one session is required. However, if there is more than one thorny issue to resolve, more may be necessary. Nevertheless, handling disputes this way is significantly less expensive than going to court.


Minimizing communication with relatives and friends about the contested topics is advisable while mediation is ongoing. Those persons probably mean well, but their opinions can cause distraction and confusion.

For instance, one parent might start cooperating about joint physical custody instead of insisting on primary custody. Progress can unravel if the parent talks with other people about the subject later. The spouses should remain confident that they have already heard enough advice and are ready to decide what’s best.

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