We trust that doctors will be there to care for our health. Unfortunately, due to many reasons, they sometimes fail in their responsibilities and cause more harm than good. Whenever this happens and a medical professional is negligent, it is called medical malpractice in the legal world.

It’s vital for you to recognize the different forms of negligence that can occur in a medical facility. If you ever suffer harm, having medical malpractice lawyers Centralia, IL to represent you becomes imperative. You can hold the negligent doctor accountable and pursue compensation for your damages.

Types of Medical Malpractice

  • Surgical Errors – Surgical errors are any mistakes that occur during an operation including surgery performed on an incorrect patient, surgery performed on an incorrect body part, surgery errors that cause damage to internal organs, and items left inside the patient post-operation.
  • Misdiagnosis – This occurs when doctors are untrained in specialized conditions or they fail to order proper testing. They misdiagnose you with the wrong condition, meaning you receive treatment you don’t need or you go without treatment you do need.
  • Prescription Errors – Whenever you have pain, a severe condition, or any other ailment, the doctor may prescribe medication. Doctors must ensure they prescribe the right medication, the proper dosage, and ensure you don’t have allergic reactions to the medication.
  • Emergency Room Errors – Emergency rooms receive thousands of patients throughout the year and they must ensure all information is accurate when seeing a patient. A communication error — such as a doctor not asking for the patient’s date of birth — can lead to misdiagnosis, which often results in even further problems.

If you suffer from harm because of a negligent medical professional, you may be able to seek damages including additional medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Working with our medical malpractice lawyers Olson & Reeves can help you pursue the justice you deserve.