Managing A Dog Attack With Personal Injury Lawyers In Burlington, VT

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Lawyers

In Vermont, pet owners are required to maintain control over their animals and prevent an attack. They are liable for any injuries that occur on their property associated with their pet. If a visitor or service provider is attacked by their dog, they have the right to file a legal claim against the pet owner. The following are details associated with how Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT manage a dog attack case.

Acquiring Medical Attention

The first step for the victim is to seek immediate medical attention. When they acquire medical attention, the severity of their injuries is measured. Additionally, records are generated of these injuries and conclusive evidence about how they were produced. These records are vital to the injury case. They identify the liability of the pet owner.

The Responsibility of Medical Doctors

At any time that a dog attacks a human, the medical doctor must report the attack to animal control. Upon notification, the animal control officer sends a notice to the pet owner. The officer demands a copy of the dog’s rabies shot records. If the dog doesn’t have any shot records, the animal must undergo a quarantine period.

The Quarantine Requirements

The quarantine period equates to surrendering the dog to a licensed vet for at least twelve days. During this period, the vet conducts several assessments to determine if the dog shows any signs of rabies. If the vet concludes that the dog has rabies, the dog is euthanize. If they aren’t, the animal is released to the owner pending the animal control officer’s assessment.

What is a Strict Liability?

A strict liability exists when the dog has a history of previous attacks. If the pet owner didn’t follow steps to prevent the attack, they are held at this strict liability. This liability requires them to pay all medical costs for the victim and a monetary award for pain and suffering.

In Vermont, pet owners are required by law to prevent possible dog attacks. They must follow leash laws and protect others against potential injuries. Victims who were attacked by a dog must contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT by visiting Website URL today.

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