Legal Representation by a Truck Accidents Attorney in Nassau County, NY for Those Seriously Harmed

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Lawyers

During a collision with a large truck, the driver of a passenger car and other people in the vehicle may suffer serious injuries. If the accident was primarily the fault of the truck driver or a problem with that rig, the injured persons might want to contact an injury lawyer. A Truck Accidents Attorney in Nassau County NY represents clients in these kinds of circumstances.

Individuals Against Corporations

When a passenger vehicle collides with a big rig, anyone in the smaller vehicle may face enormously high medical expenses, months of lost wages, physical pain, and emotional trauma. When they try to claim the trucking business, they are now dealing with a corporate entity that is likely insured by an insurance company wielding a huge amount of power. It is very difficult for an individual to succeed when the corporations dispute the claim for any reason. A Truck Accidents Attorney in Nassau County NY provides effective legal representation.

Problem Statistics

The main problem with battling the insurer is that so many collisions between the larger and small vehicles are caused by drivers of the passenger cars. Statistics show that some 80 percent of these crashes are caused by the passenger vehicle driver. In some incidents, it appears that both drivers are at fault to a certain extent. With statistics on their side, the insurance company looks for reasons to blame the other driver even when law enforcement reports indicate the trucker was at fault.

When Truckers Are at Fault

Despite these statistics, other research shows that truckers are generally inclined to ignore certain safety guidelines for one reason or another. A common issue cited in accidents is the truck driver not allowing enough space between the rig and the vehicle in front. A heavy truck rear-ending a passenger vehicle can be catastrophic for those in the smaller automobile. Other common factors when the truck driver was at fault include fatigue, speeding, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

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