Learn How to Get Social Security Disability Benefits in Liberty, MO

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Lawyers

If a person has been disabled, they can apply for social security benefits. Who gets Social Security benefits depends on how long the person has worked and what their disability is? Getting these benefits can be tedious, but most people do get approved if they get the help of an attorney experienced in Social Security Disability in Missouri.

Approved Disabilities

To qualify for Social Security disability, a person must not be able to work, and their doctor will need to state that they will not be able to return fully to the workforce. Disabilities approved include migraines, diabetes, injuries that affect the ability to walk, muscular dystrophy, brain injuries, anxiety, and more. If someone wants to see if they qualify for disability, they will want to start the application process.

Getting Social Security Benefits

The first step is to complete an application. There will be questions about the disability and how long the person has suffered from it in the application. More often than not, the first application is often denied. Most people will need the help of an experienced attorney to help them through the process. The application process will require various doctor’s visits and interviews with the Social Security Administration.

Who gets Social Security benefits all depends on what is wrong with them and whether or not they have an excellent attorney? The Grundy Disability Group LLC can help. Lawyers will be able to support your case in front of a judge.

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