In Case You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Lawyers

A couple never start out in a marriage with the intention of getting separated or a divorce, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. When that happens, each party in the matter will want to hire the best lawyer possible to represent him and her in the courtroom, if it comes to that. A Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County MO represents clients who are about to go through a divorce, and wants them to know about the various issues they face. Here is a look at some of these issues.

Divorce Issues in Court

There are times when a divorce can be handled amicably and neither party may have to go into a courtroom, but many times the divorce is contested and bitter. Some issues that may cause the couple to end up in a courtroom are deciding who gets what among the assets and property, and who gets custody of the children. These are usually the biggest issues that cause tension in a divorce, as both parties want to come out at least getting an equal split of everything.

More Divorce Issues in Court

When a judge is deciding how things will be split up, the decision will rest with what the judge deems to be equitable, and not necessarily what is equal. In matters concerning a child or children, judges will always make their decisions based on what is in the best interests of the minors involved, and not what the parents think is best. Sometimes the judge will consider the wishes of the children, especially when they are old enough to make intelligent decisions. Parties in the divorce will want to have a lawyer who has known success in litigating divorce cases.

A Divorce Lawyer for Help

Individuals can find many lawyers and law firms that practice family law, including matters of resolving a divorce. The Wegmann Law Firm is a firm that represents clients in various legal matters, such as criminal law, worker’s compensation, and divorce law. If an individual is looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County MO, the law firm is available and provides more information on the website.

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