Most personal injury claims are settled out of court after accepting an amount of compensation from an insurance company or negotiating for a larger sum. An Accident Lawyer in College Park provides free consultations, so injured persons can find out whether the insurer should be paying more and whether hiring an attorney would be a reasonable step. A settlement should be fair, but claimants should not expect an enormous windfall.

Staying on Guard

Although nearly all injury cases are settled without going to trial, the injured person still cannot take for granted, this will happen. This is one reason why it’s crucial not to say more to the insurance company than is necessary. They could use any statements against the claimant at trial. They also can use those statements in denying a claim or in offering a very low amount.

Attorneys Handle All Communication

Also, hiring an Accident Lawyer in College Park helps prevent the likelihood that the claimant will say anything to the insurer that could hurt the case. The attorney handles all communications with the insurance adjusters and any other company representatives. If there is a reason for the claimant to speak directly with the insurer, the lawyer will attend the meeting either in person or by phone conference.

The Advantage of Professional Negotiation

Negotiating with adjusters is the most important step in obtaining a fair amount of compensation. The injured person can either accept or refuse any offer made by the insurance company. This is another point at which professional legal representation from an organization like Jaklitsch Law Group is advantageous. Personal injury lawyers know how much money should be paid as they have access to similar case histories. They even know how certain insurers manage these claims.

Creating a File of Communication Details

If the injured person does not hire a lawyer right away, he or she should keep detailed notes about all the phone conversations with adjusters. All emails and printed correspondence should be kept as well. When it’s time to hire an attorney, that lawyer will need all of this information to build and support a successful case.