If Safety Tips Don’t Work, Call a Scaffold Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT

Construction sites are full of risks, but scaffolding is one of the biggest. According to NIOSH (the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), falls are a leading cause of on-the-job deaths, and scaffolding is a major contributor. It’s important to take appropriate safety measures when working with a scaffold, and some of these are listed below.

Proper Training

All scaffolding should be built and designed by certified workers to conform to all safety and construction regulations. Every worker should learn accident and fall prevention methods as well as other life-saving tips. However, if an accident occurs despite this training, a scaffold accident attorney in Norwich, CT can help a victim get the compensation they deserve.

Protective Equipment

It’s the employer’s responsibility to equip every worker with lifelines, body harnesses, guardrails, body belts, and other fall-arresting gear. Each of these pieces of equipment should be in working order and accompanied by an instruction manual.

Erecting Scaffolds on Firm Footing

Scaffolds should be plumbed or leveled and locks should be secured. Sills, footers, and base plates must be on solid ground. If a scaffold must be moved or changed, it should be done under a trained representative’s supervision.

Tying Scaffolds to Buildings

A scaffold should be secured and shielded from the elements. They should be tied to the building with heavy wire, and only manufacturer-supplied retention parts should be used.

Working on a Strong Platform

Before use, inspect scaffold platforms thoroughly. If wood planks are used, they must be accompanied by metal catwalks or scaffold grades. Make sure planks are free of cracks, knots, warping, and breaks. Use toe boards and double rails on exposed sides at heights of six feet and over.

Don’t Take Any Chances

Use only scaffolding climbing ladders. Don’t climb up the braces. Do not ride on a moving scaffold, and be sure to rope off dangerous areas. When work is done overhead, use a canopy or wire mesh to protect any workers on lower levels.

Call an Attorney

If a person suffers an on-the-job injury and they need an experienced scaffold accident attorney in Norwich, CT, Stephen M. Reck can help. Visit the website for more details or call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.