How Social Security Legal Services In Luzerne County, PA Work

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, disabled individuals may require legal services to help them acquiring benefits. Through the services, they could gain better insight into the entire process. An attorney could provide them with the necessary services to increase their chances of obtaining benefits. Social Security Legal Services in Luzerne County PA provide claimants with real opportunities to achieve their objectives.

An Assessment of the Original Claim

The attorney reviews the original claim after a denial. Their assessment helps them determine the most effective course of action for the claimant. First, they must evaluate the claimant’s application to determine if they have an eligible condition. The attorney also reviews the evidence of the condition that the claimant submitted to the Social Security Administration.

Filing an Appeal After a Denial

All claimants who are denied social security benefits can file an appeal for a reassessment of their claim. They can appeal the decision through a hearing or by enforcing their rights for reconsideration. If they appeal to the court, a judge makes a final decision for them based on the evidence presented. If they acquire a reconsideration, a new caseworker reviews their claim to determine if they are eligible for benefits.

Starting a Claim Through an Attorney

The attorney can help a disabled individual file their claim through the court. Through these means, the claimant provides their full medical records to the judge and a jury. They must possess all their records starting on the date in which they were diagnosed. They must present evidence of all treatment provided by all doctors since their diagnosis.

If they win their case, they receive backpay starting on the date in which they were diagnosed. It is possible for them to acquire a larger settlement through the court than if they filed through the Social Security Administration directly.

In Pennsylvania, disabled individuals have the right to seek social security benefits if they cannot support themselves financially. However, they must have a condition that stops them from working in any industry. Claimants who need assistance through Social Security Legal Services in Luzerne County PA can Visit the website for more details right now. You can also visit them on Google+.

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