Making your way through any government operation can be daunting. This is especially true when dealing with the Social Security Administration. Whether you were denied a benefit or are attempting to submit a claim, a Social Security lawyer in Oak Ridge can handle the heavy lifting.

It can be a stressful process just gathering the necessary documents, and when you add that with all of the forms you need to fill out, the process can be overwhelming. With the help of experienced legal professionals, your chances of getting accepted in a timely manner increase.


If you have been denied a benefit, a Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge can help you appeal the administration’s decision. The legal team will help you collect more paperwork if necessary. To appeal a case, you must work within specific time frames. If you file late, you will be rejected again.


A Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge may also get you back pay. The lawyers will try and negotiate with the administration, and some tactics may involve disputing the date the disability began. This process generally consists of a hearing and may take extra time.

Filing a Claim

If you still need to file a claim, a Social Security lawyer can help you avoid getting rejected in the first place. A team can help you put together a solid case with ample documentation.


There are legal offices that offer free consultations, and most lawyers will not charge a fee unless you receive the benefit. For more information on how a Social Security lawyer can assist you, visit Kenneth Miller & Associates.