How A Personal Injury Attorney In Glendale, AZ Manages A Product’s Liability Claim

In Arizona, all consumers retain the same rights under federal and state laws. These rights entitle them to the ability to purchase products that don’t present hazards. The laws require warning labels for any product that presents any risk. However, a failure to warn consumers often leads to injuries. A Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale AZ provides legal clarity for these consumers after an injury occurs.

Filing a Report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

All consumers should file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The agency has the authority under federal law to investigate any product that produces an injury. The agency reviews the consumer’s claim and determines if an investigation is necessary. If the findings indicate an unknown risk, the agency starts a recall of the product and notifies the public of these risks.

Reviewing the Victim’s Injuries and Medical Records

The next step is to review the victim’s injuries. The medical records should provide detailed information about their injuries. This includes an exact diagnosis and documentation of all treatment provided. The records should help connect the injuries to the product properly.

Forensic Analysis of the Injuries

Forensic analysis of the injuries determines what actions caused the victim’s injuries. These tests are vital to the case in that they show that the victim followed the product’s instructions. They also present evidence that defines risks in which the manufacturer failed to present on their packaging.

What Happens If There is a Recall

A recall allows the Consumer Rights Protection Agency to order the manufacturer to perform one of two actions. They must provide a full refund for the product or fix it to prevent additional injuries or failures. When several victims are injured, the manufacturer must provide compensation to all victims.

In Arizona, all consumers have legal rights under federal and state laws. These laws prevent manufacturers from releasing products without adequate warning labels when a risk is present. The same laws allow consumers to start a legal claim against the manufacturer if they sustain injuries. Victims of these product’s liabilities should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale AZ or Visit the Site for more information today.