A Homicide Lawyer in De Pere, WI Can Argue It Was a Justifiable Homicide

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Lawyer

Homicide charges lead to many years in jail for those who are convicted. When a person is accused of a homicide, they need to speak with a Homicide Lawyer in De Pere WI fast and should avoid speaking with anyone, even the police, about the homicide until they have spoken with their lawyer. In some cases, the lawyer might have the person admit to the homicide but claim it was a justifiable homicide if they believe this will help their client avoid a conviction.

What is a Justifiable Homicide?

A justifiable homicide is one in which there is a defense stating the person had no choice but to kill the other person as their life or another person’s life was in danger. This can be difficult to prove in some situations. A person who believes this might be the right defense for their charge will want to ensure they speak with a lawyer to find out if it’s valid in their situation.

What Evidence is Needed for This Defense?

The evidence used needs to demonstrate the person believed their life or someone else’s life was in danger and that, if they did not react immediately to the threat, they would not have survived. They might need to prove they had no other option or that retreating was not possible. The exact evidence needed can be determined by their lawyer, and their lawyer can help them obtain the necessary evidence when possible.

How Likely is it the Defense Will Work as Intended?

This depends entirely on what actually happened and what evidence is available. The person will need to discuss this with their lawyer to determine if admitting guilt but claiming a justifiable homicide is going to enable them to avoid a conviction. If there is not sufficient evidence of justifiable homicide, it might be better to choose another defense strategy that’s more likely to work.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with homicide, do not speak with anyone and contact a Homicide Lawyer in De Pere WI right away. They will look through the details of your case and help you formulate a defense to avoid a conviction or minimize the sentence you face if you are convicted. Visit us website now to learn more.

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