When someone has an incident happen in their personal business involving a theft, they will most likely want to press charges against the perpetrator. Hiring a Theft Attorney in De Pere WI is the first step in getting justice for the crime that was committed. Here are some steps that will be helpful in proving someone had stolen something from a business.

Find Out If People Saw The Crime Committed

It is important to question those who were on the premises at the time the theft had occurred. If there were people present, their statements in what they had witnessed can be helpful in a court of law. If there was surveillance footage of the property, this can also show the crime as it was in progress, helping to prove who was involved in the situation.

Gather Information About The Thief

A theft attorney will be able to do research about the person who had committed the crime to see if they had incidents happen in the past to involving similar actions. This information will be helpful in showing they may have been involved in the theft. Accounts from those who have had contact with the perpetrator can also be helpful in showing what their past actions were.

Use An Attorney For Assistance

An attorney will be able to help in finding out if someone was indeed involved in a theft. They will be able to ask the proper questions in court to back up the theft claim. A lie detector test may also be recommended. An attorney will sit down with the business owner to discuss the points leading up to the theft event and will devise a plan to show evidence against the person who had been involved in stealing something from the property.

When there is a need to hire a Theft Attorney in De Pere WI, finding one with prior experience in similar cases is best. Give a call to Brabazon Law Office LLC or check out the website to find out more about the services offered. A consultation can then be scheduled to discuss details about the situation.