Hiring A Disability Attorney In Lacey, WA After A Denial Of Benefits

by | May 10, 2016 | Lawyer

In Washington, the Social Security Administration evaluates applicants who claim to suffer from disabilities. However, their assessment may indicate that the individual can acquire employment despite the condition identified. When they deny the claim, the applicant must take additional measures to secure their benefits. A Disability Attorney in Lacey WA reviews their claim to determine why it was denied.

Assessing the Reason for the Denial

The exact reason for the denial must appear in the documentation received by the applicant. Typical reason for denials is a lack of sufficient evidence. The agency may also claim that the medical documentation doesn’t present a qualified condition. The issue most applicants face based on these reasons is that the doctors chosen by the SSA lack the training to diagnose the condition. An attorney determines if this is the cause for the denial and takes the next step to acquire benefits for their client.

Scheduling an Appeal

An appeal is the first step after a denial of benefits. The attorney gathers medical evidence from the applicant’s own doctor. These records should show the exact starting date for the condition. They should also explain how the condition prevents the applicant from acquiring gainful employment. The primary objective is to show that the condition presents a debilitated state that prevents the applicant from working. The judge determines if the applicant is entitled to benefits.

When You Need to File a Lawsuit

Disabled individuals file a lawsuit when they don’t acquire benefits through an appeal. The lawsuit allows the applicant to present further information about their condition and treatment. Their doctor can speak on their behalf and present additional testimony about the effects of their illness. A jury determines the outcome of the case after a full assessment of their records.

In Washington, disabled applicants must submit their information to the SSA for further assessment. The agency makes the initial decision that determines if the applicant receives monthly benefits. This assessment also includes details about their income and the income of their spouse or parent. Applicants who need assistance should hire a Disability Attorney in Lacey WA or Contact Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys for further details.

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